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Places in South Africa with NT

Search and find places in South Africa with first letters NT.

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Alphabetical index of places in South Africa with NT

There are 123 places in South Africa beginning with 'NT' (in alphabetical order).
101 - 123 of 123 places
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Page 3:   Ntsopile   to   Ntywenka
Places in South Africa with NT
Ntsopile Ntsopile101.North-West North-West-
Ntsubane Bosboustasie Ntsubane Bosboustasie102.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Ntsukandihlale Ntsukandihlale103.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Ntsundwane Ntsundwane104.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Ntsundwane Ntsundwane105.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Ntswanahatshe Ntswanahatshe106.North-West North-West-
Ntswaneng Ntswaneng107.North-West North-West-
Ntswelengwe Ntswelengwe108.North-West North-West-
Ntsweng Ntsweng109.North-West North-West-
Ntsweng Ntsweng110.North-West North-West-
Ntubeni Ntubeni111.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Ntumeni Ntumeni112.KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal-
Ntunda Ntunda113.Mpumalanga Mpumalanga-
Ntunjambili Ntunjambili114.KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal-
Ntuthunga Ntuthunga115.KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal-
Ntwane Ntwane116.Mpumalanga Mpumalanga-
Ntwane Ntwane117.Mpumalanga Mpumalanga-
Ntwashini Ntwashini118.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Ntwashwini Ntwashwini119.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Ntwenka Ntwenka120.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Ntwenka Ntwenka121.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Ntywenka Ntywenka122.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Ntywenka Ntywenka123.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-

101 - 123 of 123 places
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