Regions in South Africa

South Africa is made up of 10 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in South Africa. Information on all primary administrative regions in South Africa.

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Primary administrative regions in South Africa

There are 10 regions in South Africa in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in South Africa
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Eastern Cape Eastern Cape1.6,676,590Bhisho Bhisho137,287
Orange Free State Free State2.2,932,441Bloemfontein Bloemfontein556,000
Western Cape Western Cape3.7,113,776Cape Town Cape Town4,710,000
Gauteng Gauteng4.16,100,000Johannesburg Johannesburg5,635,127
Northern Cape Northern Cape5.1,303,047Kimberley Kimberley142,089
North-West North West6.4,122,854Mahikeng Mahikeng14,000
Mpumalanga Mpumalanga7.4,743,584Nelspruit Nelspruit110,159
KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal8.11,513,575Pietermaritzburg Pietermaritzburg750,845
Limpopo Limpopo9.5,926,724Polokwane Polokwane123,749
Gauteng Gauteng10.16,100,000Pretoria Pretoria1,619,438