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Alphabetical index of places in South Africa with PE

There are 57 places in South Africa beginning with 'PE' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in South Africa with PE
Peace Town Peace Town1.KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal-
Peacehaven Peacehaven2.Gauteng Gauteng-
Pearly Beach Pearly Beach3.Western Cape Western Cape-
Pearston Pearston4.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Peddie Peddie5.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Peelton Peelton6.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Peelton Peelton7.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Peerless Park East Peerless Park East8.Western Cape Western Cape-
Pelandaba Pelandaba9.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Pelangwe Pelangwe10.Limpopo Limpopo-
Pelgrims Rust Pelgrims Rust11.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Pelgrims Rust Pelgrims Rust12.Mpumalanga Mpumalanga-
Pelham Pelham13.KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal-
Pelikan Park Pelikan Park14.Western Cape Western Cape-
Pelindaba Pelindaba15.North-West North-West-
Pelindaba Pelindaba16.North-West North-West-
Pelindaba Pelindaba17.Northern Cape Northern Cape-
Pella Pella18.Northern Cape Northern Cape-
Pellsrus Pellsrus19.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Pembroke Pembroke20.North-West North-West-
Pen Hoek Pen Hoek21.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Pender Pender22.North-West North-West-
Pender Pender23.North-West North-West-
Pender Pender24.North-West North-West-
Pender Pender25.North-West North-West-
Penge Penge26.Limpopo Limpopo-
Penhill Penhill27.Western Cape Western Cape-
Peninghotsa Peninghotsa28.Limpopo Limpopo-
Peninsula Peninsula29.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Pennington Pennington30.KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal-
Penryn Penryn31.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Penryn Penryn32.North-West North-West-
Pension Farm Pension Farm33.KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal-
Pera II Pera II34.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Percydale Percydale35.Gauteng Gauteng-
Perdefontein Perdefontein36.Orange Free State Orange Free State-
Perdekop Perdekop37.Mpumalanga Mpumalanga-
Perdekraal Perdekraal38.Orange Free State Orange Free State-
Perhamdown Perhamdown39.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Perridgevale Perridgevale40.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Perserance Perserance41.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Persida Persida42.Mpumalanga Mpumalanga-
Perskebult Perskebult43.Limpopo Limpopo-
Perth Perth44.North-West North-West-
Pescodia Pescodia45.Northern Cape Northern Cape-
Petersburg Petersburg46.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Petersburg Petersburg47.Northern Cape Northern Cape-
Petersus Petersus48.Northern Cape Northern Cape-
Petit Petit49.Gauteng Gauteng-
Petits Hill Petits Hill50.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-

1 - 50 of 57 places
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