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Alphabetical index of places in South Africa with BU

There are 94 places in South Africa beginning with 'BU' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in South Africa with BU
Buampsa Buampsa1.North-West North-West-
Buchele Buchele2.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Buchufontein Buchufontein3.Northern Cape Northern Cape-
Bucklands Bucklands4.Northern Cape Northern Cape-
Bucklands Farm Bucklands Farm5.KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal-
Bucklegraf Bucklegraf6.Northern Cape Northern Cape-
Buckquoy Buckquoy7.KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal-
Buffalo Buffalo8.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Buffalo Flats Buffalo Flats9.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Buffalo Harbor Buffalo Harbor10.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Buffalo Nek Buffalo Nek11.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Buffalo Thorns Buffalo Thorns12.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Buffeljagsrivier Buffeljagsrivier13.Western Cape Western Cape-
Buffelsbaai Buffelsbaai14.Western Cape Western Cape-
Buffelsbadden Buffelsbadden15.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Buffelsdoring Buffelsdoring16.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Buffelsdoring Buffelsdoring17.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Buffelsdraai Buffelsdraai18.KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal-
Buffelsdrif Buffelsdrif19.Limpopo Limpopo-
Buffelsdrif Buffelsdrif20.Western Cape Western Cape-
Buffelsfontein Buffelsfontein21.North-West North-West-
Buffelshoek Buffelshoek22.Limpopo Limpopo-
Buffelshoek Buffelshoek23.North-West North-West-
Buffelskloof Buffelskloof24.Western Cape Western Cape-
Buffelspoort Buffelspoort25.North-West North-West-
Buffelspruit Buffelspruit26.Mpumalanga Mpumalanga-
Buffelspruit Buffelspruit27.North-West North-West-
Buffelsvallei Buffelsvallei28.North-West North-West-
Buffelsvlei Buffelsvlei29.Orange Free State Orange Free State-
Buhlanyanga Buhlanyanga30.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Bukazi Bukazi31.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Bulawa Bulawa32.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Bulembu Bulembu33.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Bulembu Bulembu34.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Bulge River Bulge River35.Limpopo Limpopo-
Bulkrans Bulkrans36.Northern Cape Northern Cape-
Bull Run Bull Run37.North-West North-West-
Bullberg Bullberg38.Orange Free State Orange Free State-
Bulpan Bulpan39.Mpumalanga Mpumalanga-
Bulpan Bulpan40.Mpumalanga Mpumalanga-
Bulsny Bulsny41.Northern Cape Northern Cape-
Bultfontein Bultfontein42.Eastern Cape Eastern Cape-
Bultfontein Bultfontein43.Gauteng Gauteng-
Bultfontein Bultfontein44.Mpumalanga Mpumalanga-
Bultfontein Bultfontein45.Orange Free State Orange Free State-
Bultfontein Bultfontein46.Orange Free State Orange Free State-
Bultfontein Bultfontein47.Orange Free State Orange Free State-
Bultfontein Bultfontein48.Orange Free State Orange Free State-
Bultfontein (2) Bultfontein (2)49.Orange Free State Orange Free State-
Bultfontein Number One Bultfontein Number One50.Orange Free State Orange Free State-

1 - 50 of 94 places
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